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25 Aug
  • briefing athletes 17:00 hours
  • registration has started
  • briefing has started
  • briefing has ended
26 Aug


It has been a really amazing day. They race started with a lot of north wind but some brave pilots were able to fly. Three different groups chose a different strategy and paths but at the end of the day they are still really close each other. The race is totally open. We are really proud of our warriors. Keep it up bros.

27 Aug


It has been another amazing day. Also today there was strong north wind and only a few of pilots were able to fly a little. They walked a lot, and at the end of the day almost all reached Canazei turnpoint. The first pilots splitted in two groups. ones towards Cristallo peak the other towards Plan de Corones. Tomorrow the air condition should be better. stay tuned.

28 Aug


Today has been an incredible day, finally the north wind was not too much and pilots could have an unbelievable long cross flight over 3000 meters. Unfortunately Kinga, Gerald and Ferdinand was withdrawn due to Physical problems. Almost all pilots reached the third turnpoint sesto pusteria. The second part of the day was more stable so they couldn’t fly a lot. Tomorrow it should be more stable but the race is totally open. Markus, Tobias and José are close to longarone and they drive the race. Maybe tomorrow someone could reach MonteGrappa turnpoint.

29 Aug


  • day a little veiled and stable
  • Simeon Klokocovnik withdrawn
  • Willi Ludwig withdrawn
  • Zlatko Koren withdrawn
  • Daniele Paolazzi withdrawn
  • Alfio Ghezzi withdrawn
30 Aug
  • Tobias Grossrubatscher arrived first at the finish line
  • Markus Anders second to the goal
  • Giovanni Gallizia at the goal. Third position
  • Manuel Schmiedhofer at the goal. Fourth position
  • Mitch Riley at the goal. Fifth position
  • Fabio Zappa at the goal. Sixth position
  • Paolo Gadotti at the goal. Seventh position
  • Lars Budack at the goal. Eighth position
31 Aug
  • Edouard Potel at the goal. Ninth position
  • Alois Resinger at the goal. Tenth position
  • Daniel Perger at the goal. Eleventh position
  • Luca Gasparini withdrawn
  • Ivan Centa at the goal. Twelfth position
  • Horst Altmann at the goal. Thirteenth position
  • Entstraßer Luggi at the goal. Fourteenth position
1 Sep
  • rainy day…
  • Japp Smit withdrawn

Tobias Grossrubatscher – FIRST

Markus Anders – SECOND

Giovanni Gallizia – THIRD